2015 in review

Peep through my whole year of blogging of 2015!

Here’s an excerpt:

As the time pass by, my once upon a time small blog became older by a year with all you dashing followers. 2015 will be remembered. I was growing simultaneously with my blog with the feedback and comments. Happy that people take time out for reading. Stay with me, help me maturing more. Thank you God! Thank you readers.

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Under her pillow..

Under her pillow lies her desire,

from wanderlust to rise higher.

While shes asleep she isn’t really sleeping,

her thoughts keep her alive,

keeps her awake in her subconscious,

to reach the never seen,

to reach the unknown,

to reach after horizon.

I guess her curiosity keeps her insomniac.

Her curiosity to witness,

The eccentric,



Now I know her why all her notion was outlandish.

Now I am a part of her secret too.

Dont find me.

This is better!

into the woods..


The quench for being lost in woods,
was the just the beginning of the new universe.
This universe inside is independent,
free from lust, free from needs
All it needs is more of me.
I have left the crisscross roads
It took me nowhere.
The map was useless
I created my own unknown destination.
This path will successful
Coz now I know
That I hold the universe inside
I don’t know about science much
but the galaxy they taught us,
was nothing but individual emotions Thick ones.
The world will move, If I will move.

When she felt happiness………………


When she felt happiness

She felt tickled,
Silly she was!
Tickled to such extent that,
She ran all over the open spaces around her veranda,
sprinkling the glitter of joy pinch by pinch.
That day,
the grass felt alive,
the air she inhaled was fresher unlike other days,
the cloud seems more azure when she looked up,
the birds were dramatically flying,
the sun noticed the celebration, out of impatience
 he joined the celebration too.
What a wonderful day it was!
-Zebaish Sk

A part of me and part of you 

together lying on those old memories.
Don’t dare to untangle them
let it be the way they are resting.
They look better that way.
Untouched, Unharmed.
Sun set rays making glimpse over it.
All that dust over it, is actually magic sprinkled in form of dust.
Take a deep breath look again!
Tell me what do you see?
You know what I see?
I see you and I 
Zebaish Sk


Just another person on earth

Just another person on earth

why would it matter.
I neither hold lavish last name nor own a space.
why would you care
why would you care for lesser known someone.
of lesser importance,
But I care….
I know I don’t hold grand last name but your name is all I know of.

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