Come back my love


Gone for now and I will make it back

Gone were the days of sunshine

Gone was the May of summer delight

Ribbon and gifts and chocolates and more

Sitting closely near the offshore

I still remember your glittered smile with touch of gloss and pink shy

When you used to arrogantly sit beside and make sure i understand that bent towards mine

That you fallen for me in front of line

I still remember your glittered smile

Gone were the days of passion and try

Were looking forward to meet was the only crime

You holding of hand extremely tight

As if I you going to lose me with dis evil eye

Made me delight, made me high

That chatting on bbm in midnights

Those cute little exciting intentional fights

The touch on my cheeks, delicate little sweet bite

You used to only see me in your sight

I still remember your glittered smile with touch of gloss and pink shy

Unfortunate incidents made us detached

That was the beginning of cursing myself

Why didn’t I kept my love with secret latched

I knew baby we are perfect match

Our love was scattered and this crude world snatched

My sweetheart away away from me

What i left now is blood and patch of

Bits and pieces of my slaughtered heart

Listen you fucking world IL be back…

With her in my arms and ill join all cracks

Which is done by you all i wish to smack?

There will be a new almanac

With my heart back with no aches

I love you truly and I want you back

Waiting to clock hit the time

Where you will be in my arms and I’ll join all cracks

And time and again i am going to say dis back

I still remember your glittered smile with touch of gloss and pink shy





5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lubna
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 15:11:44

    I really like ur poems.
    Question) Why do you have the rihanna song ”Love and lost”? actually its not really a Rihanna song, its a song by Drake ft Rihanna.
    It is my favourate, specially the middle part when it goes into the Calypso music. that same tue was a lift from Nine inch Nail. just for your information darling. Keep it up.


  2. Sanah Sayed
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 18:06:42

    How sweet!! It refreshed ma old memories!!


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