Today I stand for myself

With wand in my hand

With loads of friends


With pink dress on

All pains were gone

With glittering eyes

Take away all the cries

With earing which is clanking

Boosting broken heart who were shanking

Golden, shimmers & red blush

Giving hurts, wounds & cuts a big flush

Woofers, party and music loud

Dancing like a maniac crowd

On my heels with a blaze

Showing world how to solve difficult maze

Pizza, fries, cheese &diets

Thread mill, cycling, push ups and Jives

 I am mad, I am sort

Giggliest teeth and so much worth

 Call me honey, call me baby

Sometime tide sometime shabby

 Sophisticated formals on work

I have to be Dalle , need to get some perk

Back to world with my love

Superb cupid just like a dove


Cranky daughter when spinach on the plate

Restricted to smoking, random dates


”Shut up, you fool complete your work”

To I say whose my younger and crazy dumb


”Yes Momma I will be back”

Me becomes responsible as time takes


Long ponytails with a bindi ON

Now I am Mrs. XYZr…, totally grown


Gotta cook food, with round WOMB

Baby girl or a baby boy I keep adorn


”PUSH, I know it pains” Dr. says

I give my cent to it with howl, and i got this voice

OMG!! ” It’s a baby boy”

Shout my hubby with a loud noise


Baggy clothes and a mommy hat

Flabby thigh and a bulgy weight

Late night cries and diapers change

Sessions of feeding and sleepless night


Now come school, water bottle and fights

he’s a grown up with a brain bright

Just like his Mommy who’s sunlight

Of his Hubby who keeps me her delight


my son studies,colleges and old age hand in hand

He’s now a PG and we both watching his grand

Success of life and with a high note

From a crazy girl now eventually I am a grand MOM


Here’s my DIARY or array and hope

I started with a jumping girl to a girl who’s mellowed

Zebaish Sk !!



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