Say ”Je t’aime…

Say ”Je t’aime la vie” to LIFE

I was recollecting something from last night as ‘Letting go all the hard feeling and grudges” leads to any beneficence  ..?
The answer I have got from internal true heart is YES. Indeed washing away all bad feeling/grudges makes a Outstanding Human being or Áeon. Why to waste our small life running behind something which is nt less then a waste. Its the my fellows to open up washing away all the pains we had till now. Let our wings of life spread from west to east and lets fly little higher than we expected. Dont let go this moment, moment of making someone smile by your deed, moment of tickling with love to each other, moment of zeal to gain more, moment of saying Í Love you to belove.
Je t’aime la vie
Zebaish Sk


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