Sitting beside window, got me a new thought

I kept wondering what all we have with us this moment, what more we have to get.

Elongated skyscrapers, unending wants  & luxury on the one side

Fight, distrust, crime& forgery getting wider and wide.


Sitting beside window, got me a new thought

I have got a whole family, not dedicated lover as such

Wanted to love him madly, he’s not mine is a misfortune

My love for him still is growing exceedingly. My love is not deprive of opportune.


Sitting beside window, got me a new thought

We work so professionally are we happy are we fit?

Internally got an answer. Its money which is priority not passion which is hour of need!!


Sitting beside window, got me a new thought

Why we running in this race of world, being so aimless?

Internally got an answer. It’s our WANT making us a fool

Coz after having so many attribute we still restless and that is real uncool!!


Sitting beside window, got me many rushing Questions

Haywire life, broken love –stories, life with no Resolution!!

So my fellow what do we do coz in ride of complication life is getting rummage

Lets do this copy happiness and smile . ctrl +v here and Paste

Then see the magic of change will make you jump high

Let go all the dirt inside and gimme high five

Smile dale more bigger lets make some more fun

Yell a lil louder , say cheers to life and bright a like sun

Life is small why to waste make your presence felt

Love, hug, kisses and passion let all the pain melt

— Cheers to life !

love Zebaish Sk.




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