Off late I have been feeling tired….I donno



Off late I have been feeling tired….
I donno the reason might be tired of being showy that I am fine !! Or of being workaholic. Thinking { I had chums on time (checked), had lunch properly (checked), migraine pain no ways(checked), some 1 pissed naa(checked), family issues not @all they all are good (checked)} Alls checked …. what could be the reason of this ..???
I donno anything but one thing I am sure about is that ”I AM TIRED” of walking and dragging myself every morning.

I somehow killed the time for the day and straight headed home inspite of some impending work. I kept looking at the watch 6:02pm I immediately left and find myself with little energy and some excitement of going home (so obvious better than sitting@office)
While I was about to reach my place my mind suddenly turned ON !!! I have realized that I should find the reason behind this dullness so my creative mind helped in reaching a place where I can sit and breeze myself up.
So i started thinking……………. kept thinking…………… BINGO !
I have decided to for a walk on a sea-side (which is near to my place).
I always carry a pen and a book with me [creative people always carry such stuff :)] The moment I reach @beach, the breeze around soothed me, the sand under my feet tickled, the roasted aroma of Sweet corn made the environment more beachy ,the reddishness of sun’s dawn on my skin made me pink me too. I found this view perfecto to calm me down from being LOW.
just wanted to be FREE………
Free from burden
Free from pain&hurt
Free from responsibility&duties
Free from society&ability
Free from competition&targets
Free from being the bestest& sustaining that position
I just wanna be freee……………………….

I grabbed few colorful balloons started walking on the beach… RED, GREEN, BLUE, BABY PINK AND PURPLE TOO……
Walked few miles juggling through this balloon, my hairs waving just like advertisement of hair shampoo.
I walked soaking my feet under warm sea water.
I walked looking everyone around me I am still holding balloons
I walked observing every minute thing which is making me better
I walked realizing that I am blessed with best people… Yes I am.
I walked and I got to know that I have achieved so much in short span.. indeed I did
I walked and actualize that there’s something in me..
I walked and I substantiate that I have experienced everything in 23years (from love-agony,marriage-divorce,daughter-wife,executive-manager, young-old)
I walked and I walked and I walked ……………..

and there I turned back and I have got my answer as my favorite novelist says ”LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT”
I did took a bad day as bad life which made me Low!!!
Hushhhh…. I am happy that am still 23 for a day I have got into my own trap of ”life sucks” which is FALSE.
Let me take a candy-floss and be stupid today.

P.S: Taking time out for yourself and be kiddish is good 🙂
Zebaish Sk.



6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yuki
    May 05, 2013 @ 00:23:12

    Your emotional aspects are very strong, I can make out from you writing.



  2. Yuki
    May 03, 2013 @ 21:18:31

    Simply said a lot.



  3. anaaya
    May 03, 2013 @ 21:16:08

    Brave girl so smoothly confronted easilyy. I liked it 🙂



  4. Jordan
    May 03, 2013 @ 20:37:48

    Let me take you on a long drive with soft n soothing music which would take all the sadness away and take you high with joy n happiness 🙂 Keep Smiling 🙂



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