I accept the terms….



Do I have to WORK now?? (as in working as a  Proper Corporate Girl)

”Common that’s not fair I still find myself in egg shelf, painting with crayons on my own bedroom wall,
shabby, messy hairstyle which aren’t eligible of calling it style,
chewing gum rolling in mouth from extreme left to right with chakchakchak noise,

yelling ”yayyyyyyyyyy” (for half a min) when my favorite songs comes up unexpectedly on VH1,
pinching my younger brother for no reason then running and taking away his skates though I am so poor in it.
updating social sites from random clicking of crap images with intentional POUT postures to  status which says DND , happpyyyy and busy.
shedding my tears while watching Twilight ( I love Edward Cunnel, you see I remember his characters surname till now)
chopping my hairs every month ( I tried Nicki Minaj look once with  that pink highlight , looked horrible on me :p)
Common are you kidding me that I have to wear 3 piece (pant-shirt-tie) where in actual my count for clothes OR the rate of changing stuff is starts from 3 to I donno it just go on and on and ON… !!!
I hardly wake up with my glued eyes @10(unless its Saturday where I gotta go for my pedicure) and now you saying my reporting time is sharp 9:30 a.m, no man!!
Lemme be honest, I still don’t remember when was that last time in history when I saw the clocks hand on no.9…? puzzled X

OK I agree with terms and conditions as she signatured the documents for her interns still shes thinking so innocently without knowing the fact that now she is stepping to a world where she will the ‘Proprietor for her Destiny”


(hope you enjoyed reading)

– Zebaish Sk


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yuki
    May 08, 2013 @ 20:59:04

    Is this based on your life ??



  2. Yuki
    May 08, 2013 @ 17:17:24




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