Unwelcome gesture


This is a very short tale as we all hate long writing so this is one for all those who are impatient and speedy and of course want some sarcasm:

”As I entered with a black shiny heels with off white skirt and a turquoise shirt which was crisp iron( lemme inform you I am very particular about my dressing it has to be IRONED) I knocked the door of my Boss’s cabin saying ”Excuse me , may I come in”
instead of saying ‘yes’ his eyes stucked on somewhere else ( I don’t wish specify where, because we all our adults and I am sure till now you all have got an idea of what I am talking about). So again I reminded him that I am still at the door so twice I said ”Excuse me , may I come in”
Answer came back hussh finally “Yes yes please come in and be seated we gotta discuss some projection” in a typical bossy tone with nose pointed straight upward as if he is the CEO (he is just the manager, jerk)

I sat opposite to him hurriedly opening my laptop to discuss and fly away from him to my seat where there is no staring at delicate parts at least I am safe there.
Initial discussion started with some clashing of thoughts between us, it bound to happen in a firm where targets on head and limited times to fulfill it.
So we kept debating how do we complete our score for this month by new strategies.
But somewhere I can still make out ,his concentration is somewhere else. Ahem.. !! Yes somewhere else.
He is not on a same page of what we discussing as P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N. Instead he is alluring my smile and !@#$. (To be honest I was dressed decently with no exposure it was a proper trouser and a shirt, C’mon I am talking about India where girls button their shirts till collar)
I kept silence and patient too, and controlled my anger just to cross-checked whether my feminism ego is hurdling me or its my misconception.

YES, !!! Damn I was right.I can make out in day-light he is staring @ my !@#$. I am pissed off and now it got transformed into anger which is pouring and bubbling out. Instantly my aggression alarmed my conscience signalling to my brain to get alert. I digged my nails onto my own palm as the staring got outta limit and it got more  the way he is not paying attention on WORK and everything else.

I burst out and you wanna know what did I shoot on  him then read this:

“Hey you Mister Manager
”Don’t mistake this fake smile and professional body language.
I’d punched you in the throat, If I knew I wouldn’t lose my job.”
I paused and again on same pace and I exclaimed ”Don’t you ever look vulgarly @me or else your front teeth will be gone forever. Do you understand???

As I have shared this sexual assault incident with my girlfriends around we laughed and they were proud of me. Coz I raised voice against it and I request all of you not to entertain this stuff before this sperm of sexual harrasing get converted into fetus of suffering.

I made this incident as joke so that it wont burden me and to laugh at your jokes is fun, makes life is easy and indeed hi-larious.

Thanks and love,
Zebaish Sk.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tanimagps
    May 09, 2013 @ 14:30:20

    Yes Even I was abused but not the way you had to go tru all dis but I can say that Guy who is in respectable profession fucked me Emotionally and that too for an another Woman..he lied lied and finally abused me and even my family just to make the other female happy by showing that how much he cares for her (other female) and can do anything with anybody for her.



    • zebaishsk
      May 09, 2013 @ 14:54:31

      Abusing through words or hand be it to Female or male gender is enough to get wound for life.
      Sorry to hear that you have suffered and my deep blessings are with you. I suggest you forget and let go the pain inside my Dear.



      • tanimagps
        May 09, 2013 @ 21:45:20

        I cannot forget …its a pain i got from the person whom i adored the most.. he meant so much to me btw i would like to tell u it was not a romantic relationship but it could not be named….n even the other women is h ap now how can it be tht m suffering day in and out and she is enjoying in her life



        • zebaishsk
          May 10, 2013 @ 12:21:44

          Sadly in this world It do happen that we tend to make mistake in choosing correct person to get attached. In your incident you got hurt in picking incorrect individual to trust on. Since he choose other women over you so it is pretty much clear that he wasn’t meant for you. I suggest you to overcome whatever you suffered and leave everything on GOD!
          Live life and move on. Life doesn’t stops.
          Stay happy my Dear.
          Zebaish Sk.



  2. Yuki
    May 09, 2013 @ 12:49:32

    See that makes your writing more enjoyable. I really liked the punch in the end!!



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