Meet the most ravishing personality, pulchritudinous physics, radiant heart,statuesque tone, with dainty style and my lovely Ammi (Mom)
isn’t she enchanting..? luscious? sanctified? blissful? celestial? palatable? astonishing? awe-inspiring? ? ?

Indeed she is.
Ya Allah !!
Its a tough job my dear to describe/define her and the most difficult part is I cant resist to add, praise, value to her and to be honest I go partial when its about family and people who are close like the other day I wanted to pick something to enlarge my collection for accessories I skipped instead I picked Tee for Dad (I love him too)
There are innumerable adjective which I can innumerable times add on and definetly this time I have full rights as its a Mothers Days and I will be lengthy this time for my belove Mother.

Meet  ”Parvin Sk” her name itself define her role as ”Parvin =Pleiades =An open cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus”. Her mother indirectly who is my Naani (grandma) named her perfectly. [You see my whole family is crazy for vocabularies and words just like me]

Rightly named her open cluster as her arms always open for her children and we as a constellation {her three polite darling 1) My elder brother, 2) Me me me, 3) My younger brat sister I love her}.
Getting back to Mothers Day I dedicate this article/Post to her and I am sure everyone as everyone celebrating.
She started her journey quiet early without getting taste of what we called is teenager time/ getting dressed with new lipstick on/ getting pampered by parents like me.
Being from an old background where education and outside world considered as ”taboo” she dreamt Big. She was the second daughter among 11 children. That means she have to take up responsibility along with her education. She was captivated for both higher education and for outside world as she was suppressed by typical orthodox family where getting tieing in a knot of marriage at the age of 18 is a must to do. But she denied . she declined all evil practice. She wanted to look outside the window where Sun is on zenith of  its brightness she wanted to shimmer just like Sun aggressive, more brighter ,more visible.
She fought with everyone she is a born fighter.
She fought for her basic education and she did it !!!
she wanted to pursue more for her education she did it

she wanted to grew and evolve three children with etiquitess and mannerism she did it !!!
She became OUR ultimate superstar.

I still remember before I yawn and head to brush my teeth @6 in the morning shes almost cooking her last roti for all of us and the special crisp one for me and I love her for that. She managed her profession yes shes a ‘Teacher’ and a ‘Writer’ too. Yes even she writes or I should say my writing is in the blood and passed on to me by her. She brought us so well that I really want to hug her and be in her lap.
From watching movies on 1st day 1st show to Eid’s shopping, From checking our report cards on result to dropping hot cooked tiffin box in recess, to boosting confident in my Dance class to paying fees of driving class, To kissing me tightly actually chucking my cheeks and saying let me chuck the another one or else your both cheeks will be improper in size. I still laugh on it mommy 🙂

I have followed on her footstep of

Ammi though time has departed us I would love and it would be my honor to look after and kiss your feet. I am dying to see you, hug you, hear you saying ”Zeba meri bachi (my daughter)

Happy Mothers Day
May Almighty grant you with best of health and peace and prosperity here and here after.
Your loving Daughter,

Zebaish Sk.!!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rekha
    May 12, 2013 @ 16:56:45

    Superb Zeba I know how much u Miss ur Mom!! Still the love that flowed in ur words r superb!!!



    • zebaishsk
      May 13, 2013 @ 13:09:05

      Your three exclamation marks in the end makes me write more. I am blessed with a person like you and yes Thank you for unconditional support Rekha.
      Zebaish Sk.



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