Asima after receiving her confirmation from the firm which wasn’t famous headed for 1st day of her job which she wasn’t willing to do but said YES for it as she knew the circumstances of being jobless can go to such extreme.
Its not as if she wasn’t aware with Mumbai’s lanes, railway timings and shortcuts but this time she felt surreal totally like a college pass out despite of her good amount of expediences.
  She was assigned the whole western Bombay to look after as designated areas for her work. It was 10 in the morning, she missed her breakfast to keep punctuality for the 1st day for good impression and Bingo!! She was 5minute earlier of her timing described.
‘Hi mam are you the one who will inspect us?’ a skinny girl who was branch executive.
‘Yeah I am who will assist the HOD’ with heavy voice Asima dis interestingly answered.
She without settling down headed for work and inspection which informed her few minutes back without intimation. Not to her surprise the washroom was untidy and stinking which led her heart sank. The office structure was too poor to digest again a disappointment. That started adding fuel to Asima’s sadness. She somehow made her inner soul explained the fact she have no choice but to work.
‘Whats your name mam?’ again that skinny curious girl interrupted by watching Asima’s long earings from her bird eye.
‘Asima, I am now will look after your branch as a Manager’ she falsely smiled. 
‘Mam we got a call from HOD she told me inform you to reach Andheri for some important inspection’ skinny girl made Asima’s as it sanking heart more deeply buried  to the core of the land.
‘Andheri why all of a sudden?’ she took pause and maturely ans wered  ‘ok I will go’ Asima’s depression is now very much visible from her eyes. Her kohl already smudged coz of her unstoppable tears while getting ready for work which she disliked more than satin.
She somehow wrapped her bags and documents and slowly walked towards the station to board for Andheri.
The moment she got down from train she realized her energy level is extremely low. She was carrying altogether two bags one filled documents the other her personal stuff.
Just to find and reach the Andheri office she took 50minutes.
Can you imagine Andheri is the hub of Mumbai and to be precise its the same station where she hopped and jump and slide all through college days for her junk food joints was unsuccessful in finding a branch which was just next to station.
Destiny was testing Asima’s patience and endurance to cruelty.
She almost lost her hope as it started raining. She wanted to dig her face in her palm and scream loud and cry her heart out. Her back hurts,her shoes almost swimming in mud (she was hygiene conscious)she was jittery because of black mud. Rain started pouring to its edge which made her almost wet. She was in tears all alone standing at a stationery shop to cover her head from getting wet further. He covered his mouth from her own hand and there she goes weeping like a 2year old baby girl.

World seem too practical for this delicate just recovered girl.Her heart wasn’t ready for this work but option less and time in need she bravely roamed on field. She sat on railway station lamely and observed each and every person passing/crossing by. Expecting again that someone atleast someone would come would  tap her shoulder with warm hands would console her. 
To assume in vain she was day-dreaming.
The horn honks for bhayander train ,her body shook for a minute, her body hair stood straight in shock as the honk was real loud and then realized that she is all alone with her two heavy bags holding like a year old twins.

Eyes now swollen, lips dry she got back home.

To be continued……………….


Zebaish Sk.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jahidakhtar
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 10:47:45

    Hmmm..interesting. Quite Zeba kind of story 🙂



  2. Sammy
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 02:14:55

    For anyone, inspite being a non-Mumbaikar and unwilling, its really hard to sustain and that too with 2 loaded bags. And for a girl who’s willing to afford to carry herself with pair of long earrings can result in a literal fuel to burn herself into fury. Lets see keenly !! Waiting to hear as what happened to this girl whos feets turned black due to Mumbai monsoons, after she reached her place . . .



    • zebaishsk
      Aug 16, 2013 @ 15:43:32

      Good that there are human being alive who understand. Very interesting thing awaiting for next journey be there and do through it once she reaches home. 😉



  3. Abhijit Gupta
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 23:15:33

    That’s a good idea for story. Looking forward to reading the final edited piece.



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