Zindagi #JodeyDilonKo

While the whole India is awaiting to watch the premiere of #Zindagi channel I somehow found myself privileged not because I am going to meet the scriptwriters, actors and directors from Pakistan sitting in front of me this Saturday at Mumbai via Indiblogger meet
ofcourse that is added privilege but my reason to be different from the crowd’s excitement is that I have already completed almost all the series of episodes and daily soap of Pakistan through our cable which provided us to see serials across the border(Pakistan) on a weekly basis.
This would sound weird but I somehow have a surreal attachment with this country(Pakistan). From my initial days of schooling while learning geography I adherently presumed that Pakistan&India is like twin babies borne by the same mother. Mother who gave delivered this adverse countries with same face but two different names. Its true that you teach something to child in their childhood and its stays forever and that same particular thought keeps evolving through their lifespan. I personally while my growing periods were taught that we(Indian)and them(Pakistan)is same country with thin line.
I remember this incident while watching one of the Pak serials last Ramadhan “Zindagi Gulzar hai” it changed my whole for that country. I mean the way they narrated the contrast and struggle is worth seeing and there’s a list of hit programme from their list to name a few.
1)Noorpoorki raani
I enjoyed every moment watching their clothes , their etiquettes, their pronunciations for farsi and Urdu, their hospitality and above all the same way of calling love as love.
Half of my closet are inspired by culture they follow, my manners are somewhere influenced by their. My hearts umbilical cord is still uncut and attached to them.
Zindagi #JodeyDilonKo true will sew us together I pray.

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