Who will watch ”grey”?


It would be injustice If I follow the current trend of writing onto positivity stuff and not putting light on other shades of life. Unless you have tasted that chalky part of life called ‘Grey’. There is no harm in confessing that you ”HATE” something or you have certain kind of ”DISLIKENESS” towards something. NOT SAYING as far as I know is NOT RIGHT. My lately observance towards society has been sharpen maybe I am getting very much part of it but thats not the point of discussion. Today’s blog is all about why we keep anger, negativity, hateness inside?? Is there any norms to follow? Why cant we just share it like any other emotion? Atleast in my case I am pretty much transparent in letting all the emotions flow freely. I mean it! 

The observance of mine has concluded that maybe we have created invisible code of conducts of what to say, when to say, how to say, what not to share, what to disclose. So followed the second point of discussion which is ”WHAT are we supposed to do when you want to let loose your bad emotion”? Should we gulp down and smile wide(I disagree totally) or should we cover it with sugar and make a nice coat of layer and then express saying ”Its ok to be angry or hurt , smile and take a deep” (Bullshit) in my case I cant be a part of such wacko society where you can abuse by saying ”FUCK” (which almost every one finds it as ‘cool’) but not letting you very own born emotion to take a breath. Its like giving birth to triplets but feeding one! 

I am outta this. Do not count me in. I am on my way for creating my own uncaged society.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. khushwalia
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 17:09:42

    I wanna join you in this uncaged society.



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