let it live please!


And again coming across to those unsaid compulsion laws created silently kill’s many lives daily. I and you don’t have statistic for that mass killing. Do you? They say ”since you are this, you are suppose to be acting like this” and then they say ”why don’t you wear that shoes, just because everyone like it”, ”why don’t you learn this skill, this will impress your future”, ”You better be more softer to everyone”, ”Naa this isn’t for you”, ”Ok you this and that”. This passing comments make my blood boil to that level that I may revert back it totally hard but again they have a secret law which says ”you should not talk because it is indecent to answer back even if it is simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. God either spare me from this bunch or spare them away from me , now I will say BECAUSE there is a limit to every thing.

BECAUSE I have to stand for what is right and wrong and if this counts as remark on my personality it hardly makes difference to me. For this may ”BECAUSE’s” I gave up. Ahha I gave up on every single thing which is associated to my personality just to check whether their norms, maybe to try why since so long years every one without any explanation blindly follows. Now this is interesting for some weird reason I eventually turned out to be a silent person with the loudest mind. Yeah thats what today’s aricle says and I am sure there are others too sailing in my boat without expressing.

My motive of writing on to such topic is to let everyone know that its okey to say and share. Its okey to be sad and bad sometime. Its okey to try what is prescribed But its NOT OKEY to follow which your heart says NO to. In the end you will be left with your decision, what you choose is what you will live. THINK!!




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