Guess Who I am???


I falled, failed, got up,
I tried, learned, then chirped
Guess who I am?

I am the one with half cup of milk,
I am belong to controversial ilk!
Guess who I am?

I am born very rare,
very few parents efforts to bear,
the tag and the fact which I belong
that is what you gotta guess,
Guess who I am?

I suffer monthly pain
it is natural I know I totally understand
but you all make me feel not less than taboo
keep me away for reason untrue,
Guess who I am?

Without my consent
I am spank, punched, knocked!
Reason If I ask
on the contrary you all will squawk!

I am tied up whole my life
outta your choice
its my life still
still its your choice.

Do you all still need a hint or I am quiet clear with my view
Yes I am that gender which doesn’t hold value,
in this nation till today
I am just like a gift or a give away!!

Declined from 945 girls per 1000 boys!
I am Woman my name is JOY!

By: Zebaish Sk


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